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  • What is the maximum age, weight and height?

    Everyone, who wants to make a jump, should be aged 12-80, their weight should be less than 100 kg and height less that 2 meters. You are welcome to sign up!

    IMPORTANT: You have to wear sports clothes and boots!
  • What is required to make a jump?

    You will pass training before boarding on the plane.

    IMPORTANT: It is prohibited to drink alcohol or use drugs before making a jump!
  • Free Fall

    While you are sticked to a tandem instructor, you will step out of the plane and will have a free fall and you will get an amazing experience of viewing the beatiful sky. Free fall lasts 30-40 sec. Height is 3000 meters.

    IMPORTANT: if you do skuba-diving, then at least one day shall pass before your tandem jump!
  • Soft and safe landing

    Tandem instructor will open the parachute and you will have a smooth landing in couple of minutes. After the landing you will get a skydiver's sertificate.

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Sky-tandem was founded by experienced skydivers, their goal is to popularize skydiving among young people and everyone, who is looking for fresh emotions and unbelievable experience.

Tandem jump

Tandem instructors from Sky-tandem offer their services in Latvia and Lithuania

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In case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, we will negotiate another date of tandem jump.
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